Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 4 “Slabtown” (B)

I’ll start by stating my usual problem with this show. The quick death of Gareth and his cannibal friends meant that we’re now going to follow a hardened Rick and his crew trying to protect their sanctuary and Abraham and his people heading for salvation in D.C., with the added bonus of Daryl showing back up to the church with some unknown guests in tow. All that may be relevant to this episode is that last point since we saw Carol at the very end of the hour, but it’s hard to get attached to any cliffhangers on this show when they’re not addressed for a few episodes. This involving episode did introduce us to a whole new world with a fierce leader who keeps those in her confined space in line. I would never have thought that Christine Woods, Tyler James Williams, and Keisha Castle-Hughes would be credited on the same project, let alone this show, but they all did pretty great. Woods was an AFT Award nominee last year for her work on “Hello Ladies,” and she makes for an interesting and frightening tyrant in her carefully cleaned uniform. Williams, who got his big break as the star of “Everybody Hates Chris” about a decade ago, was Beth’s obvious ally who seemed to be all about conscience, and let’s hope he’s inspired to come back and rescue her since she’s in a lot of trouble now after being captured during her attempted escape. Castle-Hughes, an Oscar nominee at a very young age for “Whale Rider,” also a decade ago, didn’t have a huge part but definitely made a mark as she lost a limb right away and then helped Beth take out her would-be rapist after she died and turned. Beth has certainly grown and become a woman in her own right, and now we’ll have to see just what happens as part of her old world shows up to this unfortunate new place in which she’s found herself trapped.

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