Monday, November 17, 2014

What I’m Watching: Parenthood

Parenthood: Season 6, Episode 8 “Aaron Brownstein Must Be Stopped” (B+)

I had the rare experience of talking to a friend about this show, a feat in itself, but more notable because it was before I had seen this episode. She was disappointed by the inconsistency of characters appearing in every episode and also didn’t see the point of Hank being featured without Sarah since he’s not a Braverman. I do wonder how this season might have played out differently if the whole cast had been present, but the plot could easily have been the same and just divided among multiple episodes. Regarding Hank, I don’t mind it since I think he’s actually a terrific character who’s grown a lot, thanks mostly to his relationship with a Braverman other than Sarah – Max. The former class president had a tough hour, first trying to get his main competition for Dylan’s affections expelled and then putting himself out there and getting shot down by Dylan, who, to her credit, was trying as hard as possible not to be mean. It’s important that not everything ends positively and sunnily on this show, but hopefully it can end up being a good driving force for Max rather than a crushing defeat. In panicking about his financial situation and his pride, Crosby ended up being a strong support system for Amber, who in turn made sure to tell her brother that he didn’t have to support the family all on his own. There are just five episodes left this season, which doesn’t tell us much since some characters might be absent from an installment or two, but I’m eager to see how these stories wrap up even though it will be sad to say goodbye to these characters.

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