Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What I’m Watching: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 6 “Consumed” (B-)

On the scale of what’s most relevant and exciting on this show right now, watching Carol and Darryl wander through the streets searching aimlessly for Beth does not rank towards the top. I’ve never been a big fan of Carol since she dragged the show down when she was only concerned about Sophia and then didn’t quite fit in when she got all too tough and murderous. Paired with Tyreese, she wasn’t exactly inviting or warm, but at least they functioned well together. That’s certainly true of her and Darryl, who tends to be more interesting when he’s actually talking then when he’s just grunting and shooting his crossbow. Nothing game-changing or shocking came about in this episode, at least for its first two-thirds. Only when Darryl was about to leave Noah to die a vicious death did Carol again become the empathetic one, and the episode didn’t really get revved up until they realized that he knew Beth and could take them to her. The way this show has been recently, we’re not likely to see a rescue mission for a few seasons, but let’s hope that things converge before then and that Beth hasn’t been unduly punished for helping Noah escape and defying Dawn. Seeing the city was definitely a stark reminder of how things are just as bleak in the middle of a former metropolis as they are out on the long, winding road to Terminus or the prison or Hershel’s farm or anywhere else our ragtag band has been over the last few seasons.

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