Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What I’m Watching: Homeland

Homeland: Season 4, Episode 8 “Halfway to a Donut” (B)

I questioned, midway through this episode, where this show was headed when Saul managed to escape and then went running for the hills. It seemed too easy that he could just get away from his captors like that, and hardly realistic that they wouldn’t be keeping a closer eye on him. And then this show let its walls close in on Saul, as Carrie led him through alleys and back doors and convinced him not to end his life long enough to send him straight into the arms of an eager mob of terrorists ready to apprehend him again. Lockhart, to his credit, did a great job of reigning in his temper by episode’s end, but submitting so quickly to all of the demands was a disappointment, and certainly doesn’t benefit Saul. There’s a certain simplicity to the way this show works, with Kahn realizing right away that Dennis is the one leaking information to Tasneem, who he apparently knows is actually working with the terrorists. At least there’s one person in the ISI who is sympathetic to Americans and all that is good, but it may not be enough considering how damaging a blow to the ambassador the news that her husband is a traitor will be. Maybe Carrie in all her operational capability can use that knowledge to their advantage to purposely misdirect their enemies, which could double as a smart tactical move and the perfect revenge for them stooping so low as to mess with her medical cocktails.

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