Sunday, June 5, 2016

What I’m Watching: Blindspot (Season Finale)

Blindspot: Season 1, Episode 23 “Why Await Life’s End” (B+)

This was a pretty solid finale, and I do feel like it’s been worth it to stick around and see how this show played out, even if it wasn’t always an enthralling watching experience. What I find most intriguing about it is that, just as Jane discovers that she has been lied to by Oscar the whole time, she’s having these flashbacks that remind her that, before her memory was wiped, Oscar told her that he was worried that the real her would never come back. The notion that Jane has the choice to become a different person than who she was before is inherently cool, and it’s sort of like “Dollhouse” where the programmed dolls, in between their assignments, sometimes maintained that they knew who they were and could choose their fates. Kurt and Sarah digging up the fort seemed to satisfy Kurt’s distraught reaction to his father’s deathbed confession, and his digging up of a second fort was perfectly timed with Jane being told by Oscar that she was never Taylor. Kurt showing up to arrest Jane was an extremely powerful ending, and it’s hard to know where season two will go. Patterson got over being upset that she was left out by Edgar and Tasha and they managed to unlock Bethany’s flash drive, but all the info they have doesn’t explain who Jane was and who Shepard is. I like this show’s action moments, like Jane flipping over while tied to a chair to get out of her predicament, and I hope that will lead to a positive plot-action balance in season two. This show took time to get started, but things are looking good right now.

Season grade: B-
Season MVP: Jaimie Alexander as Jane

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