Monday, June 13, 2016

What I’m Watching: Orphan Black

Orphan Black: Season 4, Episode 8 “The Redesign of Natural Objects” (B+)

There is a certain darkness to this show, but it’s not one that would allow a nice guy like Donnie to be shived in a prison after being arrested and held for less than a weekend. Fortunately, he kept things pretty comical, and the call to get the dogs off his back came in before any irreversible damage was done. Leave it to this show to pair his torment in prison with Allison performing “Jesus Christ Superstar” to an adoring audience led by Felix. His sister Adele proved to be a productive if truly untraditional lawyer, and it’s good to see his newfound family providing some perks. Mrs. S seemed like she was going rogue, and I’d say that executing Duko even after he helped them and then said his family had been threatened qualifies as worrisome behavior signifying very violent tendencies. I’m enjoying this newfound Rachel and Ira partnership, both motivated by a desire to exact some form of vengeance for their mistreatment and united by Rachel’s belief that she too may be glitching. Who could blame Cosima for not wanting to work with Rachel and Ira after everything she had been put through, but the truth is that they do make a good team. This show has managed to define so many perceived villains as later more questionable heroes, from Paul to Ferdinand to Rachel and Susan, and it’s a fascinating thing to see over and over again since it demonstrates that this show has truly terrific, dynamic characters who may not even necessarily be the clones.

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