Monday, June 13, 2016

What I’m Watching: Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones: Season 1, Episode 12 “AKA Take a Bloody Number” (B+)

I never meant to spend so much time away from this show, but I was just two episodes away from the end of its first season when I went on my honeymoon and I hadn’t yet a chance to finish watching it. I hadn’t forgotten how terrific this show, easily one of the best of the season, was, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to get back to it now. Jessica’s efforts to be specific with Luke about exactly what Kilgrave told him to do seemed excessive but it was crucial, and as it tragically turned out, Kilgrave knew much more about Luke than they thought he did, and therefore his invincibility was far from a secret. Luke and Jessica did make a great team, and it’s a shame that this episode ended on such a brutal and heartbreaking note with Luke seemingly felled by a bullet from Jessica’s gun as he refused to stop trying to kill her. Kilgrave has cast aside any hope of being a hero, returning to making innocent people kill themselves with garden shears and frightening his father into staying awake by having him stick his hand halfway down a blender. It’s good to see the side plotlines progressing forward as well, with Malcolm comforting Robyn and helping her get to as good a place as possible about her brother’s death and Trish being courted by her mother for a relationship with the promise of more information about Jessica’s past. This show was renewed for a second season long ago, and I’m sure the finale will be fascinating and intense, with plenty more ground to cover after that.

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