Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What I’m Watching: Veep

Veep: Season 5, Episode 8 “Camp David” (B+)

It’s far from surprising that Selina would try to kill two birds she hates with one stone – spending time with her family and making nice to the Chinese. Marjorie being the perfect double from behind for Selina was used to great effect in this installment, as Selina’s new Eastern allies got very upset when they thought that the president was engaged in an inappropriate sexual relationship with her own daughter. Selina didn’t help matters at all by giving away the thoughtful gift from Catherine that she didn’t appreciate so that she could seem more gracious when the Chinese kept plying her with gift after gift. So much of the whole family dynamic is uncomfortable, but at least it’s good to see Catherine given some meager degree of personality, finally comfortable standing up for herself to her truly selfish and uncaring mother. I love that Mike picked up smoking after accidentally chewing nicotine gun and that, somehow, he’s now both having twins and getting a Chinese baby. Jonah’s win in New Hampshire was crazy after a last-minute concession, and he managed to show his adoring crowd that maybe he wasn’t the best choice for an elected position, choosing his victorious moment as the time to boast to those who used to mock him. I’m eager to see how his time as an elected official will go and what horrific actions and legislation we can expect from him in the final two episodes of this season. It’s definitely going to be entertaining.

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