Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What I’m Watching: Orphan Black

Orphan Black: Season 4, Episode 7 “The Antisocialism of Sex” (B+)

Kendall’s death has really taken a toll on the clones, producing different but equally concerning reactions in Sarah, Cosima, and Alison. Sarah’s was obviously the most troubling, since she immediately went back to her old ways, doing drugs and getting drunk as she made bad decision after bad decision. She has a certain effect on people, and that’s why Dizzy didn’t stop following her and then only started to get intimate when she aggressively turned the subject of conversation to not talking at all rather than addressing his questions. Hallucinating Beth encouraging her to commit suicide was very disturbing, and it’s a relief that Felix made it to the rescue and came through as the loyal brother that he is. He also managed to talk Cosima down as she was ready to put Sarah’s chip into her cheek on the off chance that it might somehow help her even though all signs indicated that it wouldn’t. Alison just seemed sad, and throwing herself into the slumber party was a great distraction. Unfortunately, solid ghost story teller Donnie got arrested by some rather insensitive cops led by Detective Duko, who seems intent on ruining the lives of the clones now that Evie has ensured that they won’t have a productive future – and even started to take steps to guarantee that they won’t pose a threat. Rachel seems to be experiencing something interesting with her eye, and Susan is resigned from any hope of taking down the increasingly imperialistic Evie. I was just thinking that we hadn’t seen MK in a while, and communicating with Kira through her video game is a great way to reintroduce her.

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