Thursday, June 9, 2016

What I’m Watching: Veep

Veep: Season 5, Episode 6 “C**tgate” (B)

I’m starting to think that maybe Selina is being overplayed a bit and turned into more of a monster than she’s been before. That’s not a criticism of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, more an incitement of the writing that has turned her character into such a completely detestable person who doesn’t even realize that anything is happening in the world around her. Telling Amy at the end that she knew that it was everyone who called her the c-word was one step towards self-realization, but her ignoring Catherine throughout the entire episode after she didn’t even notice that she had left to go to New Hampshire didn’t lend itself well to her audience approval rating. Truth be told, Marjorie and Catherine are perfect for each other, both devoid of emotion and generally unable to express themselves. I’m sure that her non-reaction was temporary, and Selina will find a way to tear apart her daughter’s life for this revelation that may somehow negatively affect her presidency. Flip-flopping about whether or not to bail Charlie out was excessive, and he did not take the news well. My favorite consulted expert was Karen, who argued against a gun-to-the-head situation by suggesting that the gun didn’t have any bullets. Jonah’s campaign is a hoot, especially with Dan at the helm, and my favorite part is that bands whose songs they haven’t used are preemptively reaching out with cease and desist letters. Bill returning as the campaign manager for the widow who was literally Jonah’s second grade teacher is fun, and I like that Jonah has now seen a major rise in his polls thanks to his harsh and unfiltered criticism of the president.

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