Sunday, June 5, 2016

What I’m Watching: Veep

Veep: Season 5, Episode 5 “Thanksgiving” (B+)

Thanksgiving was a more proper recovery for this show after its stumble with the death of Selina’s mother. Naturally, Selina wouldn’t pay any attention to the fact that Catherine was upset about her first Thanksgiving without her grandmother and wouldn’t bother to try to be there for the dinner she had set up with Andrew despite Catherine’s rightful assertion that the White House phone number probably wouldn’t come up on the congressmen’s caller IDs. Sue casually mentioning her husband and noting that she got married a year ago with 250 people but no one from work was pretty hilarious, just another sign that she is a preposterous enigma. Dan’s new position working for Tom James is a true adjustment, and getting kicked out of the mess hall by a vengeful Jonah was a low point. Having to get coffee for Tom and realizing that he’s on the same plane as Gary isn’t great, but the bigger problem is that he’s seeing and perceiving more than he should be and Tom isn’t happy about that. Jonah’s mom inviting Richard to Thanksgiving dinner was funny, but not as much as the fantastic new development that came from soldier and future president Ezra being abroad in the military. Jonah couldn’t even process that he was actually going to run for congress, and I can only imagine how entertaining and totally absurd his candidacy is going to be. On the guest star front, I liked seeing Jim O’Heir, best known as Jerry from “Parks and Recreation,” as Amy’s dad who doesn’t like Dan one bit.

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