Friday, June 17, 2016

What I’m Watching: Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie: Season 2, Episode 6 “The Chicken” (B+)

After Grace tried and failed to rekindle an old romance in the last episode, it’s fun to see Frankie try not to jump back into the dating pool and see if things could work with Jacob. There was more than enough sexual tension there already with her using his yams to make her lube, and inviting her over for an eleven-course vegetable meal definitely constituted a date. After consulting her friends, played by Mary Kay Place and Joe Morton, it was very entertaining to see her interrupt her own rant by planting a kiss on Jacob much to his delight. He’s fine with a slow progression of the relationship, so that should prove enjoyable for the next however many episodes. Grace has been severely in need of something to do, and mentoring someone to be successful like she was is just the kind of volunteer work that’s perfect for her. Billie was hardly the right first protégé for her, but she did manage to connect with her on a great level when she tried her delicious martini and learned a thing or two from the young woman who was supposed to be her mentee. Robert has been trying to avoid Sol’s watchful eye by getting him out of the house for lunch and seasoning his chicken with lots of salt and too much butter, but who would have suspected that it was all to prepare a romantic Shabbat dinner for his Jewish husband? Sol letting his guilt get the best of him at that moment probably wasn’t smart, especially considering Robert’s reaction. This fight is going to reverberate back to their wives and certainly to their children, and the tension is sure to be extremely awkward for a while.

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