Sunday, June 5, 2016

What I’m Watching: The Detour

The Detour: Season 1, Episode 8 “The Drop” (B+)

If there’s one thing that Nate doesn’t need right now, it’s to be stuck in a place where Christmas is celebrated every day. I knew I recognized the elf who called him a sad dad and then had the tourists following him, and it turns out she was played by Vanessa Lengies, who was Sugar on “Glee.” I like how absolutely dysfunctional the people who worked at Salvation were, with hapless gun owner Thom and the undercover cops who were completely terrible at keeping up their fake identities. The presence of the even more incompetent security guards from Nate’s work only compounded the ridiculousness of everything, and we finally got to know what it is that Nate has been so desperate to get to Florida: hand sanitizer with dangerous chemicals. As usual, the best part of the episode was the bickering between Nate and Robin and their realization of a shared love for criticizing other people. Jared asking if he was dumb after he got sent repeatedly to buy pretzels while Delilah got to scream her lungs off was great too, and I like how both of the children were used in this episode. There’s just the double-decker season finale left, but fortunately this show got renewed for a second season by TBS back in April. Hopefully the finale will provide some resolution for the hand sanitizer thread that sent them to Florida, and season two can follow them as they try to get home and finally finish this endless road trip.

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