Sunday, July 2, 2017

What I’m Watching: Fargo

Fargo: Season 3, Episode 9 “Aporia” (B)

The styling of this episode was definitely appealing, and it served as a faint reminder of why this show was great in the past. Unfortunately, the corresponding plot just isn’t all that complex anymore, having dumped a number of supporting characters or just relegated them to useless roles that don’t mean all that much. What we have going on here is actually pretty simple – one magnate is trying to control things so that his business doesn’t crumble (or earn a small dent, more likely), and he’s doing a decent job, save for the thorn in his side that is what’s left of the problem he thought he took care of which created the other issue in the first place. Emmit going in to confess was exactly what Gloria has been hoping for all along, and yet her victory was short-lived. Emmit feeling guilty and needing to clear his conscience is pretty much what Gloria wanted, though I think she had hoped to catch him in the act in a sense since no one aside for her lone investigative colleague believed her theory, which turned out to be true from the very start. My favorite character this season is Nikki by a mile, and therefore it was great to see her outsmart V.M. by bringing along her deaf accomplice to even the odds and not even blinking every time he casually offered to add another zero to her salary. With Emmit exonerated, I’m curious to see what comes next, though I can’t imagine this season ending on a strong enough note to have made it all that worthwhile.

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