Monday, October 2, 2017

What I’m Watching: Better Things

Better Things: Season 2, Episode 3 “Robin” (B+)

Sam seems to be detaching more and more from her normal life, trying to indulge for once in the things that are selfishly important to her rather than living for the sake of others. Meeting a divorcé with a daughter of his own who is raising her all by himself seemed like the perfect match, since he understands her devotion to her kids and also the need to sometimes just be away from it. She couldn’t get her mind off of him, and was trying to enjoy some time alone in bed when her daughters burst in. Impressed by the boldness of him asking to come away for the weekend, she just left her kids, who every time she goes somewhere make an entirely dramatic scene, with Max crying about being abandoned and Frankie trying to take her up on her sarcastic suggestion that they move out and get an apartment. Things did seem like they were going pretty wonderfully away from it all, and then Sam came out with her refusal to accept surprises coming her way and her desire to book her own hotel room. It did seem that things had gone extremely downhill in that moment and might never be repaired, but fortunately, the romance was looking up by episode’s end as Robin apologized for his reaction and Sam left the situation to pee and return on new footing. This could well work out, but something tells me that the awkwardness that ensued when Sam pressed about their overnight accommodations and Robin resisted is indicative of a hurdle that they won’t be able to surmount too many times.

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