Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Round Two: Camping

Camping: Season 1, Episode 2 “Going to Town” (C+)

This show is a lot. The first episode was outlandish enough, and now we get an episode even more packed with nonstop panicked chattiness from Kathryn and irresponsible behavior from the rest of the crowd, almost none of which actually happened near the campsite. Jandice knocking Orvis down during the flag football game in which he wasn’t even playing was a very bad start, and of course she didn’t care enough to admit that it shouldn’t have happened, further egging on hypochondriac Kathryn to freak out and drive everyone at the hospital crazy. Getting it into her head that the stress had affected her too resulted in shocked reactions from the hospital staff who couldn’t believe that she was still there. Harry talking Walt into taking power rather than just giving Kathryn the front was an entertaining subplot which is probably one of the strongest elements of this very unfocused show, mainly because Walt is the one only who doesn’t have a problem with his remarkably persistent wife. Things at the bar got crazy quickly after Jandice suggested jelly donut shots all around, and the fact that Joe is in AA but was more than happy to have just one drink was a sure sign that everything was going downhill. George confronting Joe for his “little chocolate” comment escalated the tension, and naturally after not showing up to the hospital they forgot the steaks also. Ending the episode with Jandice cackling makes me wonder what this show really wants to be, and I guess I’m up for one more installment to see if it is at all worthwhile.

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