Sunday, October 28, 2018

What I’m Watching: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Season 4, Episode 3 “I’m On My Own Path” (B)

If you had asked me what I thought Rebecca might be up to in the final season of this show, I don’t know I would have come up with working at a pretzel store as a possibility. As the clever opening credits that I neglected to mention last time indicate, Rebecca is someone who is hard to summarize, but every time she gets into something, she goes all in. Creating entirely new types of pretzels and paying for them herself because she sees how happy the customers are to receive them is very much up her alley, and the “previously on” segment showing Rebecca backing out of the law office as soon as she got her promotion was obviously included to show how quickly she similarly bailed this time. Not being a lawyer is a great choice for her, and I’m eager to see what she does. I thought I recognized Nia Vardalos of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” fame as Wendy, the top-tier client who wasn’t getting what she wanted from the firm. I must commend this hour for its two very creative songs, namely Jim’s “Don’t Be a Lawyer,” complete with a great beat and terrific lines like “No one ever said let’s kill all the tailors” and “So many other professions that don’t turn you into Jeff Sessions.” The network representative jumping out the window after trying to declare that this didn’t represent its political views was a bit much for me. The pretzel song was decidedly weird but also perfectly effective. Josh dating is entertaining, and I enjoyed both the fact that all of his hobbies are shirtless and that he bought the “My Uber is calling” excuse. Hector and Heather getting married so that he could use her health insurance felt a bit random, but their sweet wedding ceremony at the end was a nice and unexpected touch for two supporting players not featured often enough.

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