Monday, October 29, 2018

What I’m Watching: Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black: Season 6, Episode 3 “Look Out for Number One” (B)

I’m understanding why it can be more appealing for people to binge-watch shows like this since we don’t get to see all the characters each episode. We were positively reintroduced to Linda in this hour, who got her head shaved because of lice despite her ardent protests and then demanded a crazy promotion and pay increase to make up for what she endured. I can’t wait for her first meeting with Fig and to see how they both react when they realize their shared romantic history with Caputo. It’s interesting to see how each of the inmates are going about their interrogations, with Nicky’s father bringing a fancy lawyer and fiancée with him, played by Michelle Hicks from “The Shield.” Just as Gloria got everyone to turn on Maria, it seems like that’s what happening with Red, who found out about Piscatella being dead and tried to transmit the message to everyone, failing only in one instance: Piper. Her obsession with Alex made her turn dark and mournful, throwing Red under the bus because she thought there wasn’t any reason left to keep going. I am curious where Alex is and eager for her return. I’m not overly fond of the urine shampoo initiation, though I am amused by the grouping of Lorna, Cindy, Flaca, and Daya. Additionally, Daya seems to have earned an admirer who may able to help make things better with her as guards continue to mistreat her as revenge. The flashbacks to Frieda’s youth were informative, and though they didn’t actually speak, her locking eyes with Carol so many years after ratting her out was intense. Her arrival into the Florida block with Crazy Eyes was indeed cause for celebration, and maybe things will be smooth and wonderful for her from here on out.

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