Thursday, October 25, 2018

What I’m Watching: Kidding

Kidding: Season 1, Episode 7 “Kintsugi” (B)

It was so intriguing to see the baton passed in an extremely ceremonial way from the first Mr. Pickles-San to his successor, with the new appointee traveling to the United States to shadow Jeff and learn about what makes Mr. Pickles who he is. On this show, of course, this guy wouldn’t speak English at all yet somehow he would manage to communicate verbally in fluent English when he was speaking through a puppet. The veiled conversation about being a clarinet family going forward between Scott and Deirdre was a productive step, one that was undone by Scott walking in on Mr. Pickles-San doing a puppet show with his penis, a scene I don’t even know how to address. Jeff’s trip to LA with Will truly did seem magical, and walking around with the iPad on his chest so that he could show Vivian what she was missing was very sweet. Getting an all-clear diagnosis was indeed miraculous, and leave it to Jeff to not even be phased by Vivian’s news that she would be going on vacation by herself, something that hilariously prompted his entire family to scream expletives at her and shout her out of the room. Paying all of her debt was another noble and selfless gesture, but then we got to the implosion: Jeff finally coming undone and wreaking havoc on his office since it’s just not possible to smile all the time. His on-camera antics are now going to be the least of his father’s worries in keeping him from destroying the show.

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