Thursday, October 25, 2018

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow (Season Premiere)

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 4, Episode 1 “The Virgin Gary” (B)

We’re getting this superhero show back a tiny bit later than the other two that exist within the same general DC universe, and though the fate of the world may be uncertain given the new threats it’s exposed to, these characters don’t seem quite as worried as either the Flash or Supergirl. I’m not entirely psyched for the way that this season is going to go, firstly because I’m not a fan of Constantine and all his spell-conjuring, supernatural mumbo jumbo, and secondly because I’ve found this show to be a lot stronger whenever it deals with clear-cut human, superpowered or not, villains. I will admit that having a unicorn show up at Woodstock to entrance all of the hippies before goring out their hearts is something that could only happen and seem normal on this show, and it was fun to see how the remaining legends reacted when they got sprayed by the unicorn. I’m also not so taken with Gary, whose virgin status and eagerness to be part of the team enabled him to help them take down the unicorn and send it straight to hell (even writing that last part makes me cringe since that’s not really the kind of show I want to be watching). It seems like we have a barebones team left with Amaya’s departure coupled with the definitive absence of Wally, Jax, Snart, and Stein, but at least there’s still a focus on Ray’s feelings for the missing Nora, Sara trying to be domestic with Ava, and a newly introduced storyline with Nate’s difficult relationship with his father, played by Thomas F. Wilson, a seemingly missed opportunity given that the actor is most famous for “Back to the Future.” Maybe he’ll be back again soon in a proper showcase.

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