Sunday, October 21, 2018

Round Two: Forever

Forever: Season 1, Episode 2 “June” (C+)

What is this show? This is not what I signed up for or expected after watching the pilot. I didn’t realize that Oscar had died when he skied right into that tree, and I have a hard time understanding what this show is going to be about if one of the two main characters isn’t a part of it. The final scene of this episode was even more perplexing, with June apparently choking on or having an allergic reaction to a macadamia nut while sitting in the extremely luxurious first class cabin preparing for her flight to Hawaii and then finding an excited Oscar waiting for her in what appears to the afterlife. I’m just so thrown off by the fact that Oscar died during the ski trip to truly comprehend what this show is supposed to be. The contents of this June-centric half-hour felt very random, with June being pulled in to religion against her will and then throwing everything off by kissing the pastor, a truly inexplicable move that even she couldn’t hope to defend. She also bailed on a job interview and then managed to land the gig simply because she hadn’t stolen anything, which was a big get, and it was evident just how unfamiliar this new life was. “I have a ticket, I’m supposed to be here” was a very telling line, one of the few truly emphatic moments of this episode, which makes me truly unsure if it’s worth revisiting for a third time.

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