Thursday, October 11, 2018

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace (Season Premiere)

Will and Grace: Season 10, Episode 1 “The West Side Curmudgeon” (C+)

Last year, this show’s return was huge news, and even though its initial ratings didn’t measure up to those of “Roseanne,” this one is returning while that one is coming back without its title or its title star. The problem is that the novelty of this show being back has worn off, and we’re back to the way things were by season eight - a big-name guest star of the week trying to help keep a fading series well past its prime energized. I’m not sure that David Schwimmer is really a big name these days, but anyone who watched this show during its original run is definitely familiar with its former Thursday night companion “Friends.” I’ve been told by many people that I remind them of Schwimmer, and therefore this portrayal of a man best described as a louder, meaner Larry David wasn’t nearly as charming as the assertive but endearing Ross Geller. He’s a decent romantic interest for Grace, though their scenes are often more awkward than funny. While I loved Sean Hayes’ physical comedy performance last season, this felt like too much, and his current boyfriend isn’t doing this show many favors. Karen calling Will by Grace’s name has never been my favorite brand of humor on this show, which I’m hoping may get back to its more worthwhile political commentary soon as Grace’s presumably unsuccessful foray into local government progresses, with or without the endorsement of the West Side Curmudgeon.

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