Thursday, October 18, 2018

What I’m Watching: The Gifted

The Gifted: Season 2, Episode 4 “outMatched” (C+)

This will be my last episode of this show. I actually considered turning it off a few times during this hour but figured I may as well watch until the end just in case it actually surprised me. It did not. I thought that our mutant friends might finally reach out to Jace, their one ally who can actually understand them, but instead, it was the Purifiers, whose far more aggressive and violent methods don’t jive with his far gentler personality (including his texts of “pls”). Lines like “How am I supposed to hack without eyes, genius?” did not wow me, and what we saw here was Caitlin going into full-on torture mode to get back to her innocent Andy, who everyone except for her is well aware has decidedly switched sides. Taking out Lauren was a crucial line that he has now crossed, and the only reason he was able to win was classic Dark Side mentality, which is that the person who doesn’t care about the other’s well-being is always going to prevail, at least at first. Proudstar barely flinched after getting riddled with bullets, and he should use that invincibility to the team’s advantage more often. Reed also appears to have waited a bit too long to talk about his powers, which he’s eager to merely suppress rather than try to hone so that he can wield them with purpose. The mystery person they took might change the game, but I’ve lost interest. I wanted more from this show, but it’s time to tune out.

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