Sunday, October 7, 2018

What I’m Watching: Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul: Season 4, Episode 9 “Wiedersehen” (B+)

And there we have it. Almost immediately after Kim surprised Jimmy with her eagerness to pull off another scheme, one which they executed to perfection together with the duplicate plans and the spilled milk and Marceline Hugot from “The Leftovers,” she finally got very angry at him when he didn’t handle the news about his hearing well. He did do an amazing job, saying all the right things and actually being honest when asked about what the law means to him. The fact that he didn’t mention Chuck was, of course, problematic, because even if he had said that he had a complicated relationship with him and that he hoped he would be proud of him, it would have gone over better than not saying anything at all, and as usual Jimmy wasn’t patient enough to wait more than a moment to find out the decision, though maybe it was better than him having to wait and being devastated then. Kim’s assessment of Jimmy’s perpetual situation was accurate, and I think that this might not represent a complete break, but it’s hard for them to come back from it. Lalo’s visit with Hector seemed to please him, and his visit to Los Pollos Hermanos was full of unsettling subtext. Thanking someone for a “gesture of peace” has never sounded so threatening. Werner was clearly losing it, and Mike denying him the chance to go home for five days to see his wife seemed like the right decision, though evidently it just inspired him to make his grand escape, which presents some definite problems for both the completion and the security of the operation.

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