Thursday, October 4, 2018

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 9, Episode 4 “Do Right, Vote White!” (B+)

I’m impressed with the way that this show is spotlighting the prevalence of divisive politics in its own unique way, not simply parodying the current state of affairs in this country. Fiona supporting a candidate whose background didn’t match her own only to be told by everyone else that she was betraying her values seemed like it was going to push her further away from her family, Ford, and Veronica, but instead, she realized just in time that she needed to make a different choice. Giving away nachos to Ruiz supporters at the diner definitely felt like a political move, but I guess she’s entitled to her own sort of dirty tricks, which are far cleaner than those Frank tried to use with reliable cousin Patrick, which turned into a whole mess when the far more formidable lesbians showed up. And somehow Mo won, which should be interesting. I wasn’t as taken with the fact that Kev can categorize the different type of inappropriate behaviors the men in the bar might do by naming them based on what a celebrity did, but I do like the notion that he’s going to be a consultant to rate other bars, a job that has plenty of opportunity to go awry. Ian being chased by homophobes was a serious tangent that didn’t seem to be addressed as such, and I’m worried that Lip, after nearly having Xan as his official charge, is now going to spiral out and relapse with her reunited with her mother. Debs nearly got into a relationship way too quickly, and it was good that Alex realized that she was dating a straight girl and that it needed to end before it became painful. Carl taking part in a duel with the kid whose spot he took was entertaining, and he really has lost his killer instinct. Liam getting bumped up three grades really is a Gallagher first, though it appears that his intellect may be in line with his older brother’s, and his educational path is certainly more stable so far.

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