Wednesday, October 17, 2018

What I’m Watching: Kidding

Kidding: Season 1, Episode 6 “The Cookie” (B)

All of the characters are on this show, particularly the four primarily Piccirillo family members, are lost and experiencing crisis of variety forms. This show seems to be doing that with them, employing its rabbi character to narrate the opening and closing moments of the episode with the black and white cookies that his girlfriend made which both represent life and the universe and aren’t all that good. We saw an important indicator of Jeff and Deirdre’s early years in this half-hour, with Deirdre screaming at her mother for leaving and Jeff comforting himself with his puppet, a clear step towards where he got to today. I was wondering whether it needed to be a real Olympic skater like Tara Lipinski playing herself on this show or just someone pretending to be a celebrity, but I guess her affect works well opposite Jeff and the way that he tried to argue for keeping his identity and her recalling her younger role as an official adherent of his. Putting on a show for Vivian was sweet, and hopefully his emphasis on continuing her story means that he might accept if she decides that she wants it to end abruptly as she’s indicated. Deirdre is lashing out at her daughter, and Sebastian continues to cradle that empty companion in his bed, unresolved issues that will surely be addressed and featured more in the future. I’m most interested in Will’s activities, saved miraculously from an explosion and then bolstered by fate to take advantage of Phil’s pre-death wishes to score himself a little bit of happiness.

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