Friday, June 21, 2019

Take Three: Perpetual Grace, LTD

Perpetual Grace, LTD: Season 1, Episode 3 “Felipe G. Usted. Almost First Mexican on the Moon. Part 1” (B+)

This show is undeniably and unapologetically strange, featuring some truly random plotlines that I guess will all come together eventually. The introduction of Felipe as an eager astronaut candidate who is literally in the middle of all the training that he was doing to go into space is merely the latest reference to the convoluted web of colorful characters involved in this increasingly spiraling scheme. James doesn’t tend to think too far ahead about each step of his plan, notably reacting with surprise and dread as he learned that the tracking anklet would be reattached after he successfully got it off thanks to the rattlesnake bite, and he didn’t really push Paul on giving him so little information aside from a quick sarcastic complaint. I was excited to see Kurtwood Smith of “That 70s Show” fame as Uncle Dave, a convicted sex offender who appears to have had his situation greatly misunderstood and who cares more about his apparently dead sister than anything else in the world. That makes Ranger Walker a perfect ally for him and an unfortunate weapon in his arsenal against Paul. We’ll also see what the story is with the newly released DeLoash, portrayed by Timothy Spall from “Mr. Turner” and “Denial.” Pa isn’t quite as fascinating driving all by himself as he was verbally taking down Hector, who humorously described the difference between him leaving his family well-off and taken care of and him leaving them with nothing and him in jail. James’ latest conversation with Glenn was terrific as usual, highlighted by his head-hurting response each time James stressed the importance of not messing up.

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