Friday, June 28, 2019

What I’m Watching: Dead to Me

Dead to Me: Season 1, Episode 8 “Try to Stop Me” (B+)

Ever since Judy went and slept with a cop, and honestly since Judy first revealed to the audience that she was the one who hit Ted with her car, it’s been a question of how Jen would find out about it. I still think that Judy will confess on her own because of her fear that Jen will find out, but at this point it looks like she’ll get a warning about her involvement before that. I thought she was just freaking out in the backseat but it turns out that she thought she was pregnant, enough to break up with the man she hasn’t yet had sex with and go right into Steve’s office, where she received a truly deplorable response. The fact that she’s not pregnant and might be starting menopause was a melancholy way to end the episode, complemented by Nick realizing that a whole lot of Judy’s artwork is on display right across from one of the addresses, making it apparent to him that she might indeed be a suspect. Jen had her own harrowing experience as she was far too aggressive in trying to track down and interrogate the people who owned Mustangs. The balance of power shifted very quickly in a terrifying way when she ended up in the passenger seat of the never-driven Mustang in the garage, and Jen responded in the most direct way she could in the moment, thankfully escaping an unwelcome and possibly violent advance. Nick would be smart to share what he’s just learned with Judy first before going to Jen, since it’s impossible to know just how severe her reaction will be.

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