Wednesday, June 26, 2019

What I’m Watching: Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces: Season 4, Episode 10 “Letter Promise Adult Seventy” (B-)

I could have predicted how the opening vignette would go, though I was pretty sure that Colleen and Matt, in typical fashion, knew all along that Jen and Greg hadn’t written the letter and were just manipulating them into paying for an expensive meal. The chocolate martinis were indeed excessive, though, not that I’m a fancy eater, but a place where the most expensive drinks are $18 doesn’t seem to be nearly as exclusive and upscale as they believed it to be. Greg did seem so taken with the notion of splitting a steak with his brother, while Colleen wanted to sneak Jen a veggie burger because she thought Greg was controlling what she was eating. Sophia did do a masterful job of manipulating her parents into buying her a cell phone, and Sam managed to expose her con and get away with her own antics before her parents messily tried to call Sophia’s bluff by getting her the pig she didn’t wanted, somehow expecting that she’d actually clean it up. It’s not a surprise at all that Tyler still goes to his pediatrician, and I enjoyed the fact that Clementine asked Tim about what to do in a truly awkward and mostly incomprehensible way. Introducing John’s parents came out of nowhere, and it seems strange that we wouldn’t have seen them before considering just how close the rest of the Short family is. I don’t think we’ll hear anything more about them again, without even a funeral featured, just the latest sign that this show is trying to fit as much in before its impending demise.

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