Monday, June 3, 2019

What I’m Watching: Abby’s (Penultimate Episode)

Abby’s: Season 1, Episode 9 “Rosie’s Band” (B-)

This wasn’t a fantastic second-to-last outing, with Rosie’s complete lack of awareness of just how terrible her band was less than believable. The story of how she was Abby’s Zellweger who followed her when she quit the rival bar was far more compelling, and I like that she accosted Abby for making a reference her generation wouldn’t get when they’re both the same age. Trying to barter with the people at Nemo’s so that they’d give her a weekly gig that would both be a bigger platform and a way for them not to have to listen to her was relatively predictable, and it didn’t exactly go anywhere unexpected. Clark, the friendly man who happened into the bar just as the police were searching for a suspect, was played by Rob Huebel, better known as Len on “Transparent.” Here, he was affable and almost a direct clone of Fred, and it was only when James let his guard down to tell him who he had thought he was that he confirmed he was indeed on the run as the police showed up. Bill planning a fake wedding so that the police wouldn’t realize that they were walking into an illegal bar was considerably over-the-top, but I like just how much he went into it because he got to plan the wedding he wished he had. It will be hard to see Nelson Franklin in another project without thinking of just how much he does look like the inflatable man outside the car dealerships. I also like James’ clarification that the apps he wants to design are appetizers.

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