Monday, June 10, 2019

What I’m Watching: iZombie

iZombie: Season 5, Episode 6 “The Scratchmaker” (B)

I’m not sure exactly what this episode was supposed to be since it involved a few tropes that didn’t quite last the duration of the hour. Blaine narrating was an interesting and different tact, one that felt a lot more rushed and eager to skip over any boring exposition. Not a lot of time passed between him being behind bars complaining about how “Snakes on a Plane” really didn’t work when it contained lines like “monkey-finger” to being back at his club, murdering his troublesome underlings and hatching his next big scheme. After Stacey’s return and his initially successful partnership with Don-E, it was Major who deserves the most credit for his clever plan to work with a known shipper to produce EuFreightEze brain tubes, a very important solution to his very big problem. Al being revealed as Stacey’s niece makes some sense, though it seems she’s more than capable of handling herself as evidenced by her cool response to Blaine going full-zombie. Major’s problems aren’t fully gone yet, with Dolly proving to be a serious threat that won’t go away, intent on stirring up anti-zombie sentiment even if chaos hasn’t erupted just yet. Liv being on matchmaker brain was entertaining, and I liked that Don-E was so eager for her to have a vision of his match since he was nearly able to attain some promised happiness before the matchmaker’s untimely demise. I don’t know that Clive being made acting lieutenant will change much, and I’m all for seeing more of Ken Marino’s paper-eating lawyer.

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