Monday, June 10, 2019

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 5, Episode 11 “Chapter Ninety-Two” (B-)

I feel as if things are stalling a bit at the moment and we’re headed into over-the-top territory with still almost half of the final season’s episodes left to air. Jorge’s role on the show has been relatively tolerable thus far, but to suddenly have him transform into the “man of the house” who has all these unreasonable demands for Jane when he won’t even listen to the few things she requests of him so that Mateo isn’t picking up on his bad behavior didn’t feel terribly genuine or believable. Alba also got fed up with Jane for judging her more dated worldview, sparking a conflict we don’t usually see between the two of them that led to Jane’s much-delayed decision to finally move out. River kissing Rogelio after hearing Xiomara’s good news was a strange and totally illogical turn, and for her to then covertly celebrate having tricked Xiomara, who was quite forceful in her water tackling of River on set, into thinking she just got too into the acting was also odd. This show does need to occasionally stay true to its roots as a telenovela, and therefore I guess it’s about time that there’s an excessive twist which puts some of our characters in serious jeopardy in a way that’s not related to the currently dormant Rose plotline. Petra getting over JR is taking a long time and is becoming increasingly miserable, but at least she finally reached out to another jilted ex so that she wouldn’t continually have to fire incompetent temps.

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