Tuesday, June 11, 2019

What I’m Watching: Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces: Season 4, Episode 8 “X Box Glimpse Spotlight” (C)

This was far from my favorite episode of this show, with none of the vignettes standing out as particularly pleasant or entertaining. The first was probably the strongest of a weak set, with Heather managing to, for once, suppress her curiosity and need to know about her children’s lives when Sam sent her the emergency text. Not being able to ask any questions presented an enormous problem, and of course her first solution would be to try to scan Sam’s face while she was asleep to unlock her phone. Sam piling on the craziness of the situation didn’t help, but even Tyler was well aware of the “X” text rules. Tim’s bathroom circus fiasco was pretty intolerable, and apparently Colleen is very into the performers and more than happy to flirt when her brother-in-law is about to explode. John walking in on Jen while she wasn’t entirely clothed was a highly staged scenario, and the way that he tried to handle it by lying about her having seen his penis was just odd. Greg angrily trying to block anyone from following Jen when she invited anyone who hadn’t yet seen the show to come take a look was the funniest moment of that segment. Greg and Matt have always been competitive as siblings, and having Lucas be an incredible piano player made it seem like Matt was going to have a tremendous advantage in the parent department. Lark having the opportunity to teach him how to ride a bike was a sweet notion, even if it was presented in a very braggart manner by a gleeful Greg.

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