Tuesday, June 4, 2019

What I’m Watching: Life in Pieces

Life in Pieces: Season 4, Episode 7 “Lost Math Art Glam” (B-)

The first segment of this episode felt very set up as so many of them seem to, with Greg mindlessly leaving his daughter in the elevator in a way that almost felt deliberate. The ensuing panic that he expressed, in addition to his near-catching of some serious disease thanks to an uncovered cough, was indeed dramatic, and he would have been totally great had Heather not showed up at the worst possible moment to express her relief that Lark had been found. It was sweet to see how Lark reacted upon meeting her younger sister, and I assume more comedic scenarios will emerge for the new siblings soon. Sophia’s impossible math problem was quite the stumper, and I like that Colleen got so offended that no one wanted to utilize her knowledge until she immediately admitted that she had no clue how to tackle it either. Lucas getting to bond with John was nice, even if it didn’t happen in the way that Matt wanted it to and got him pretty worried along the way. Colleen, still the newest addition to the family, continues to be eager to change things the rest of them have long since given up on, and after her horrific makeup attempt, it seems like she got everyone on board for a surprise photo that hilariously ended this episode with her shocked yet still posing in the best way possible for the camera. That closing moment was the highlight of this episode aside from Tyler berating his uncle and grandfather for not supporting him while he was in a band.

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