Tuesday, June 25, 2019

What I’m Watching: Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin: Season 5, Episode 13 “Chapter Ninety-Four” (B+)

I have to say, I can see where Mateo was coming from with his concern about how something might come up to get in the way of the marriage between his parents. It was sweet that it wasn’t his medication dampening his mood and that all he wanted was for them to be together, and it was wonderful to see them allow him to officiate as they postponed the real celebration for a better time. It would have been very problematic for Jane to skip something that was very important to her because she felt like she owed Rafael for letting him down previously, and fortunately all she had to lose in the process was a small clump of hair following her sewing machine mishap. I like that Petra gave her this big speech about always wanting to be a maid of honor, prompting her to go to all the effort of getting her a showy green dress, when it turned out that she was just trying to throw Milos off the scent since Krishna was apparently working with her against him because the new Petra was willing to pay her more than enough money. Rafael making Petra cry with a request for her to be there for him instead of her was unexpectedly endearing, and it’s quite a way they’ve come since their divorce and Petra’s self-insemination using his stolen sperm. Xiomara’s nursing school aspirations seem to have come out of nowhere, but it was enlightening to learn more about her relationship with Alba growing up as she tried to look out for her daughter with her rarely-seen husband.

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