Saturday, June 8, 2019

What I’m Watching: You, Me, Her

You, Me, Her: Season 4, Episode 9 “I'm Popeye and You're My Beautiful Spinach” (B)

My interest in the narratives here is definitely waning, though I’ll certainly stick around for the final season of the show following next week’s season finale. We haven’t seen too much of Jack’s mother before, at least from what I can remember, and she made quite an impression in the closing moments of the episode that Izzy didn’t know whether or not to take seriously. Telling him about his father’s infidelity dealt a serious blow to the image he had always projected upon him, and it was good that both Izzy and Emma were supportive and that Gabe and his mom showed up to spend time with them after breaking that news. Izzy’s reaction to Emma asking her if Nathan was in love with her was far too strong, and she barged right into what soon won’t be his office to tell him off furiously for running away to help “kids in cages,” as they so eloquently put it, just so that he wouldn’t be around her anymore. I like that Izzy stopping by to see Lala, William, and Marty for their help in planning an epic anniversary party resulted in her learning about her father’s sleepover at Lala’s, which did not please her at all. Shaun showing up with a pair of handcuffs inscribed with “you will always hold the key” was pretty much the best thing he could have done to salvage that relationship, and it appears to have worked. After Carmen confessed to Dave that she was an undercover asshole, he too did the smartest thing possible by showing up in person to demonstrate just how much he cares about her happiness and wellbeing.

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