Friday, June 7, 2019

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 4, Episode 11 “Lamster” (B-)

It didn’t take Chuck Sr. long to find one of the bugs in his apartment, and, unless Chuck once again has some huge plan brewing that he hasn’t yet shared with anyone, he walked right into the trap by speaking freely before they put it together that his place was likely bugged too. Assembling his underlings at the hospital as Ira awaited the birth of his child was awfully maniacal, and now that Chuck Sr. has been apprehended by the FBI and seated face-to-face with Jock, time seems to be up for the Rhoades men. Axe even started to lash out at Chuck for continually failing to deliver on his promise to put Taylor behind bars, and he’s the one ally potentially powerful enough to help Chuck, especially after Kate went and told Jock right away that Chuck had tried to appeal to her loyalty, though it may also be part of his endgame to manipulate her in that way. Bryan going with his safecracker brother, who I knew I recognized as Michael Raymond-James from “True Blood” and “Terriers,” to break into the safe was not a good idea, and the only reason he might get away with it is that Hall doesn’t have a way to prove that he knew someone else accessed the safe. Taylor’s comp move paid off, it seems, while Axe faced insurrection from all of his people, including Wags, which was unexpected. Axe’s biggest issue now is going to be Rebecca, who made the smart choice to make a deal with Taylor, a decision that is sure to make Axe do things he really shouldn’t in the pursuit of his never-ending greed. Wendy’s choice to confess her sins was bold, and at least Wags has her back to make sure that she won’t fall apart with her professional life crumbing around her.

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