Tuesday, June 18, 2019

What I’m Watching: Dead to Me

Dead to Me: Season 1, Episode 7 “I Can Handle It” (B+)

What we’re seeing now is our two protagonists slowly coming apart as they find themselves unprepared for the latest developments in Ted’s case. Jen went in with Nick expressing a strong front, bold as ever in her desire to see his file, and its contents evidently shook her much more than she thought they would. That led to a direct and problematic explosion in front of clients which hindered the sale that she and Christopher would otherwise have made. Though it seemed that the woman she cursed out was more interested in bettering her mental health than holding her accountable for what she said, it was Christopher who took it hardest. Citing examples of her behavior long before Ted died indicates that this is, in a way, a part of Jen’s personality – lashing out at those she finds intolerable regardless of what the consequences may be. Him breaking up with her is going to be the most severe blow since it’s her one major distraction from the absence of her husband in her life. I almost though that she and Nick were going to hook up when he stopped by to see her, but the duplicity is apparently being left to Judy. Steve lured her in with his eyes-closed trick, and then had to ruin the whole experience by confessing that he of course stole a rock, which Judy will surely associate as the cause of their current misery. Judy reacted aggressively to the news of the car make and model being identified, barely containing the vomit she unleashed as Jen was exiting the room, and not saying right there and then that she used to have a 1966 Mustang is going to make that inevitable discovery much, much worse for her.

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