Friday, March 6, 2020

Take Three: High Fidelity

High Fidelity: Season 1, Episode 3 “What Fucking Lily Girl?” (B+)

I liked that the unfortunate news that Rob received at the end of the previous episode instilled considerably more energy and angry enthusiasm in her, making her very animated as she marched around obsessing about her ex’s new girlfriend. Cameron didn’t make the situation much better when he showed up at the store trying to sell back some records and adding the information that Lily and Mac met in London a year ago and moved to New York together. She was never going to be appropriately distracted by someone like Liam, and she almost ruined it for herself when she wouldn’t stop talking about the specifics of how she couldn’t get over Mac and all Liam wanted to do was kiss her. She still didn’t give in and abruptly exited the situation to go back and reflect on the state of her life with Debbie Harry. Her phone call claiming to be her neighbor’s first girlfriend didn’t go very well at all, but I do like when she reacts in a big way to anything that surprises her. Not much time is spent on our supporting characters here, and as a result I was pleased to see Simon and Cherise interacting when they went to the show, with him asking her why she hadn’t released any music, a question that she appeared to dodge. He also gave Liam some information that Rob didn’t seem to want him to know but ultimately was probably pretty helpful to establish expectations, which didn’t even come to fruition.

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