Friday, March 20, 2020

What I’m Watching: Outmatched

Outmatched: Season 1, Episode 7 “Failing” (C)

This show is getting less and less intelligent as it goes on, and I’m not exactly sure why I’m still watching it. It’s really representative of exactly the type of sitcom that comes along all too often and represents a lack of effort when it comes to inventive storytelling or new ideas. Nicole has been the most featured child thus far, somewhat able to function in society even if she gets a bit too attached to certain notions, like needing to be ripped apart by dogs because she only beat her brother by three hundred points in an illogical game they invented. Having her enter a beauty pageant to show that she’s missing a social component of her intelligence wasn’t a bad idea, but this show’s execution of it left plenty to be desired. Repeatedly suggesting that the reason it was being turned into something for humans was because it wasn’t suitable for dogs wasn’t funny after the first time it was uttered, and Rita being the judge who was obviously being bribed was yet another instance of the clunky integration of Rita and Irwin into this show. Somehow, it all worked out, with Nicole failing at trying to fail, and therefore getting to understand some of what Kay and Mike have been trying to teach her. Brian tends to let his emotions get the best of him, with Marc nearly crippling him after beating him in chess, and it was sweet that he realized he could enjoy time with his less intelligence-obsessed sister without having to beat anyone.

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