Monday, March 2, 2020

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 5, Episode 6 “Mortal Khanbat” (B-)

It’s interesting to see how some important information is revealed on this show, like how Charlie and Behrad having slept together and Charlie having an intriguing past complicated by the aftereffects of the crisis. I’m glad that Charlie is still around since I was worried that actress Maisie Richardson-Sellers would be leaving the show again this time following Amaya’s decision to start a new life. I wasn’t too excited about the voices she was hearing linking her to some sort of demonic entity, but at least it’s something altogether more fantastical, like what’s currently keeping Nora so busy as she has to keep granting kids wishes as their fairy godmother. I wouldn’t be too displeased if Constantine did up end meeting his end soon, and I think it’s very possible given the rotating roster of these heroes. Having Genghis Khan arrive in modern times with a vendetta and a dangerous weapon was mildly creative, but this was hardly the cleverest anachronism this show has presented. I’m eager to see Nate and Zari finally get together again, and she’s pulling her weight in a surprisingly strong way, even if no one’s taking her too seriously just yet. Apparently Marie Antoinette is still aboard the ship, which is considerably more convenient than a recurring guest star since her portrayer, who also plays Nora, is a regular cast member. I’d be fine with some standalone fun adventure episodes instead of anything focused on any one legend’s past, but I think a wacky combination is the two is probably all we’ll get.

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