Sunday, March 1, 2020

What I’m Watching: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 10, Episode 6 “The Surprise Party” (B+)

The funny thing about this episode is that Larry was actually sort of being a good person for once, in that he suspected that his best friend’s wife was trying to kill him and he wanted to protect him. Going to talk to their shared cardiologist, played by Greg Germann from “House of Lies” and “In Case of Emergency,” was entertaining since the doctor just wanted an invite to the party that Susie really didn’t want to give him, prompting him to end up having the heart attack Larry was so sure would befall Jeff after berating Chris Martin with boring facts about himself. This was an episode full of guest stars, including Vince Vaughn as Freddy, who, moderately seedy as he is, seemed to comprehend that Larry’s squatting toilet option probably wouldn’t impress his female customers. Who could Larry turn to when he needed an eccentric inventor but an apparent Nazi with an anti-Semitic dog, played by Alan Tudyk of “Firefly” and “Powerless” fame. Fred Armisen was a perfect choice to play the walker-using Wally, who wasn’t all that offended by Larry speeding by him on the way to the bathroom but wanted friendship in return. Leave it to Larry to borrow his handicapped placard, abuse it constantly, and then have it eaten by the dog so that Wally couldn’t find a spot. This episode also featured the great clip that I saw over and over again in trailers for this season, where Larry just went into the waiting room to wait in between things on his schedule during the day, which managed to majorly irritate Rebecca Romjin’s Penelope.

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