Friday, March 27, 2020

What I’m Watching: Good Girls

Good Girls: Season 3, Episode 5 “Au Jus” (B-)

This is one of the shows that I watch weekly with my wife, and we both agreed before we started this episode that we were going to give up on it if it didn’t present something new or intriguing by the end of the hour. It may still be cyclical, but at least now something has happened to demonstrate to our main characters that they have to take this seriously. It was sad to see Lucy, a goodhearted person who just wanted a friend, killed by Rio to make sure they understood the gravity of the situation, and also didn’t entirely track since she might be needed again whereas Annie and Ruby don’t offer the same skill crucial to the operation. She’ll also be missed, and her disappearance might attract too much attention. Dean continues to be the worst character on this show, stupidly breaking the frame because he somehow thought that gave him power over Beth and Rio, unaware that it got someone killed. I’m not sure what comes next, especially with Rio now fully in charge of the moneymaking scheme, and Mick not providing too much help as a more sympathetic ally in trying times. Ruby wasn’t about to let Sara get away with her providing cover in front of Stan, and it’s a good thing that, unlike the obnoxious Dean and the useless Greg, Stan is actually capable of being a real, productive partner for his wife, better working as an ally than being kept in the dark.

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