Saturday, March 21, 2020

What I’m Watching: Good Girls

Good Girls: Season 3, Episode 4 “The Eye in Survivor” (C+)

This show is becoming irritating for a number of reasons. There’s an undeniably cyclical nature to the relationship between Rio and Beth, and that final scene with him watching her make the money had an obvious resolution, which puts her forever in his debt but also makes her his most valuable employee. What I’m finding more obnoxious at the moment is how all of the supporting characters are being given lackluster plotlines that do nothing to add to the overall story. I’ve never liked Dean or found him useful – I would have been happy to see him die as a result of Rio making a point to Beth – and now he’s going in to buy guns so that he can endanger his family and have absolutely no plan ready to use them if need be should harm actually be imminent. Annie always manages to get herself into trouble, and trying hard to seduce her therapist went predictably poorly. Ruby talking about how she had to dig the jersey out of the toilet holding the plunger end was a waste of time, and this show would do better to put more of an emphasis on her having to hide her daughter emulating her criminal behavior from her husband so that he could focus his aggression on his wife instead of ruining his impression of their daughter. That’s reminiscent of Ruby’s complete panic when she imagined herself behind bars, one of the few times that this show actually contemplates true consequences for any of its characters.

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