Tuesday, March 17, 2020

What I’m Watching: Kidding

Kidding: Season 2, Episodes 7 and 8 “The Acceptance Speech” and “A Seat on the Rocket” (B+)

This show has really been impressing me this season with the way that it portrays its characters’ approach to the world. Framing that through childhood disappointments like their mother leaving and the Challenger exploding is fascinating, and helps to explain so much about why Jeff, and the considerably pricklier Deirdre, are so committed to what they do. One of the most astounding notions is the facility where Jeff and others pretend to be people in the lives of those who have memory loss, comforting them by reminding them of familiar times and nostalgic surroundings. Like in “Synecdoche, New York,” a film that serves as the best framework for this show’s creative universe, it all feels natural and real, even if of course it isn’t so. We met Annette O’Toole’s Louise, who seemed to be Jeff’s mother, possibly standing in for the real person when he was talking to her, and then had Seb convinced he was with her too, when instead it was really Blair. These were powerhouse episodes for Catherine Keener, who got to freak out with Jill and then get very angry at her ex-husband about his misuse of one of her most influential characters, and I was also happy to see Judy Greer get another opportunity to express just how little she wanted to be affiliated with the Pickles family. While Jeff rushed to Jill to make the case for her to marry the man he ran over with his car just a short time ago, his son was upset that he wasn’t even trying to get back together with his mother, yet another development he’s set on undoing with his pursuit of time travel.

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