Monday, March 23, 2020

What I’m Watching: The Flash

The Flash: Season 6, Episode 14 “Death of the Speed Force” (B)

Of the many characters who have come and gone on this show, I never found Wally West to be all that memorable, especially in comparison to his onetime girlfriend Jesse Wells, who I doubt will be returning to this show at any point soon both because actress Violett Beane is now starring on “God Friended Me” and because she presumably doesn’t exist anymore following the consolidation of the multiverse during crisis. I also remember that Wally left Team Flash to become a regular on “Legends of Tomorrow,” but then actor Keiynan Londsale decided to leave to take a break from acting, so that stint didn’t last long. Either way, he’s very zen now, and he was angry with Barry for not telling him that the speed force, another element of this show that is far from my favorite, appeared to be fading. Wally has a long walk ahead of him, so he’s off, and now Barry is going to work with his stressed, distracted colleagues to develop his own speed force just as his greatest enemy, Eobard Thawne, is back and just as intent as ever on killing him. Iris reacted negatively to Kamilla taking a picture of her, since it seems that there is a “Get Out” style power to photography that reveals her true nature. It’s not clear what she did to Kamilla with that gun, but let’s hope that people start paying attention to her acting abnormally and figure out that she’s a threat they need to identify and take seriously.

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