Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What I’m Watching: Will and Grace

Will and Grace: Season 11, Episode 14 “The Favourite” (B-)

This episode was decently entertaining, though it was far from sophisticated or imaginative. It’s not a stretch to point out that Jenny is younger and more energetic than Will and Grace, though they also complain a lot about who they don’t want to do anything while they’re actually pretty active. It didn’t start out too creatively, with Jenny wanting to go to an experimental noise concert that didn’t start until very late and both Will and Grace trying to seem exciting enough for her. Grace not being able to hear anything and Will not being able to move after he tried twerking were unfortunate consequences of their night out, and I preferred the favorable comparison by Jenny of Will and Grace to her grandparents. I liked the shout-out to Perquackey, a game that I used to play with my grandparents! Jack and Karen going to Stan’s to try to get her ring brought back a fan favorite, Molly Shannon’s Val, who it turns out didn’t mind being drugged since it was just another opportunity to spend time with her friend Karen. Jack and Karen did enjoy dressing up to pose as a butler and maid with indistinguishable accents was silly, punctuated by Jack’s convenient ringtone for his mother. Somehow, it all worked out, giving Karen a slight sense of closure and resulting in Jack finding a gift for his mom that was nowhere near as much of a financial or emotional commitment as taking her on a cruise would have been.

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