Saturday, March 21, 2020

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 5, Episode 14 “The Bodyguard” (B-)

This wasn’t a bad episode, but as I’m racing to catch up on so many hours of television from the past few weeks, this one just felt utterly uninteresting. After the crisis made things much more exciting and repositioned Lex as a major villain who maybe just wanted to be a hero, we’re back to the same lull that this show had been experiencing for a while. What I did like was how Kara was awkwardly avoiding William before he came over and eagerly introduced himself to Supergirl, which convinced her to change her mind and opt to accept his proposal for a date. Andrea came into focus as she tried to soldier forward with the Obsidian launch with Supergirl assigned by Lex as a bodyguard, and Lex managed to take an important step forward with Gamemnae ready to put him in touch with the people he needs to continue his plan of world domination or whatever it is he wants. It’s also not entirely clear whether Lena really does want to achieve good rather than evil as she presses ahead with testing her technology. We got to see Willie Garson from “White Collar” and “Sex and the City” again as Steve, who had no destructive inclinations until he helped to show Lena that what she was working on could have negative implications for those even with good intentions. Now that she knows that, she may just be able to save the world if her brother’s ulterior motives don’t get in the way.

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