Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What I’m Watching: Indebted

Indebted: Season 1, Episode 6 “Everybody's Talking About Doctor Uncle” (C)

My assessment of this episode is the same as the one before it – some of its content is relatable, but the way that it’s all presented can be a lot to take. The number of terms coined by this family was certainly excessive, with the original two, “mominated” and “little-sistered,” as the only truly resonant ones. I like Richard Kind, who was most recently seen in a bit role as Rudy Giuliani in “Bombshell,” but his role here was overbearing in a way that made Fran Drescher seem palatable and normal in comparison. His obsession with his one meeting with F. Murray Abraham was representative of his overall inability to perceive the world around him. Many of the big jokes in this episode were obvious to me from the start, like the fact that Stew’s unusual love of maximizing the effectiveness of driving to the airport would result in him taking the absurdly named Doctor Uncle to the wrong airport, and that Joanna, who’s bad at relationships but considerably more perceptive than most members of her family, would trick Rebecca into thinking that her first act of little-sistering had resulted in her missing out on befriending one the coolest people ever rather than the antisocial person she did end up dining with for four hours. There are three filmed episodes left of this show, in which I’m hoping to find more laughs and less stupidity since this show seems to be emphasizing much more of the latter and not delivering enough of the former.

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