Tuesday, March 17, 2020

What I’m Watching: Good Girls

Good Girls: Season 3, Episode 3 “Egg Roll” (B-)

It’s continually confounding that Rio doesn’t just kill the woman who shot him and left him for dead when she had the chance. Part of it is that Beth really is resilient and clever, and also that Rio likes her and wants to keep her around. He also recognizes her value and that he can use her, though he’d be smarter to get rid of one of her less productive companions, namely her troublesome sister, but that wouldn’t happen on a show like this with three co-leads. I did appreciate how Annie’s mostly one-sided therapy sessions motivated her to question the command structure of this operation, even if the conversation didn’t get far when Beth came clean about Rio being alive. Beth trying so hard to get pregnant and then having Rhea talk to the doctor so that she could lie and say that she was certainly was a bold move, and it’s one that’s worked thus far but isn’t likely to be quite as convincing when she doesn’t actually produce a baby in whatever number of months the doctor claims it will be. What was far less sophisticated was the latest attempt to give Dean depth by allowing him to speak in a series of metaphors as he let down his extremely flirtatious boss. I bet that Beth would be totally fine with him having an affair so that he could earn more money if he just asked, and now he’s going to blame her for her extralegal antics without taking any responsibility for letting his illicit romance build up. Stan and Ruby’s “egg roll” strategy to not have to ask each other questions is entertaining, and it’s probably the smart thing today from a legal perspective as well.

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